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Ask your Audiologist about the latest hearing aid accessories which can help you with your hearing healthcare needs.


Dri-Aid Kit

Dri-Aid Kit: This product helps protect your hearing aids against moisture. Placing your hearing aids in the container when hearing aids are not in use will help to resolve moisture issues and prolong the life of your hearing aid.

Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant spray: This product can be used to clean and disinfect hearing aids.

Battery Tester

Digital battery tester: This product can be used to test the battery levels of your hearing aid batteries.

Earmold Blower

Earmold air blower: This product is designed to remove water and moisture from earmold tubing and air vents.

Ear Drops

Miracell: This product helps to relieve dry, irritated, itchy ears.



Otoclip: This product is designed to help prevent the loss of hearing aids by looping your hearing aids through the ends and attaching the clip to your clothing.

Ear Saver

Ear saver: This product takes the pressure of face mask ear loops off the ear, reducing the risk of losing hearing aids when taking off face masks.