Care and Maintenance of Hearing Aids

Care and Maintenance of Hearing Aids


Maintaining your hearing aid is important in order to maintain optimum hearing and proper hygiene. Daily cleaning and regular service of your hearing aid will help to extend its life.

Couple of tips for maintaining your hearing aids:

  • Store your hearing aid in a safe place, such as a hard or soft case. Keep your hearing aid away from pets and children.
  • Open the battery door when you remove your hearing aid to avoid battery drainage.
  • Clean battery contacts regularly by using a cotton swab. Dirty battery contacts can cause the hearing aid not to function properly.
  • Clean your hearing aid daily using a small brush or cloth. Remove earwax from your hearing aid since this can cause temporary malfunction.
  • Change filters or waxguards regularly so they do not collect earwax or dust. This can alter the sound quality.
  • If you find that you are changing the waxguards frequently, you may need to contact your family physician to have the earwax removed on a regular basis. Never put anything into your ears to remove the wax yourself. This can push the wax further into the ear or could cause more harm than good.
  • Never wear your hearing aid in the shower, swimming, when using hair spray or when you are getting your hair done at the hair salon.

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